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About Winner Consultant EngineeringWith the goal of achieving the finest architecture and engineering, the firm of Winner Consulting Engineers
has established itself as an organization dedicated to total services to its clients and the fulfillment of their complex needs.

Years of experience in varied architectural and engineering projects throughout the UAE, provide the background skill and the competent leadership necessary for a successful project.Originating in Abu Dhabi in 1979 Winner Consulting Engineers has expanded over has expanded over the years to include 3 domestic offices, each of which provide expert personnel with totally integrated services in all specialties of architecture, engineering and planning and continual guidance for its clients from initial design to the final completion of the project.

With such flexibility and depth available, for short - or - long term project assignments anywhere in the UAE, it has constantly produced outstanding project results.The Company provides Engineering, supervision and Architectural services organized into the normal engineering disciplines plus systems engineering and building services.

Our comprehensive in-house capability ensures continuity throughout all phases of project from initial problem identification through planning, analysis, detailed design to final implementation and commissioning.

This approach ensures a high level of quality control throughout the execution of the project.

We have further completed our engineering, supervision and design services with an interactive CAD system which features three dimensional design capabilities. Use of this equipment not only enables us to reduce engineering and design man-hours, but also improves our capabilities to develop and analyze a greater number of design concepts. We are also able to provide clients with a digitized version of the designs in the event that they themselves are using a CAD system.
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